HSA IRS Guidelines, Resources and Publications

The following provides a good list of IRS informational links regarding your health savings plans.

There are many sources of IRS guidelines, rules and regulations on the world-wide web. A good IRS resource page for basic HSA information can be found on this IRS webpage giving an overview of IRS HSA Guidelines.

Bank of Cashton Mission Statement

The Bank of Cashton, as an independent community bank, is committed to top quality and personalized customer service through friendliness and courtesy.

We will work as a team to deliver sound financial products to all existing and potential customers, with professionalism, and efficiency.

We know our customers by name and try to make customer requests bankable with the highest standards of safety, and soundness.

Our success is tied to the community and we are involved in helping to improve our community by giving of our time, talent, and financial support.

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